How to change the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Guest Password?

The guest network is one of the smart features of Linksys smart Wi-Fi router as well as Linksys X series gateway helps the user to create a separate network for guest. This is the secured network which provides internet access to many of the wireless devices, with the Linksys router limiting communication with other computer devices. Besides that, it doesn’t allow file and printer access.

Steps to change the Linksys router guest password 

Here are the following steps which definitely helps the users to change the Linksys router guest password in a hassle-free manner. Steps to be followed are:-

  1. Use a laptop or computer. Click on the web browser icon, such as Internet browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Once, the dashboard appears, go to search bar of  chosen web browser.
  2. Enter web address and click on the search option. One can also click on the Enter button to proceed to the next step.
  3. Thus, the Linksys smart Wi-Fi account login page appear. Mention the email address and the password in the corresponding fields. Click on the login button.
  4. Now, tap on the guest access option from the given list.
  5. After that, in the section of the guest network name and the password, the user will able to see Guest network name (SSID) and Guest network password displayed over the page.
  6. Moving to the important part, to change the Guest network name and Guest network password, one may need to click on the Edit option. After this, the user needs to mention the strong and unique guest network password in the section of the guest network password section.

On the same way, if one wants to change the Guest network name, then firstly you have to change the Home wireless Network name as it follows the main network’s name.

Most of the router supports the guest network feature, which is considered as the part of the primary network as well as it often provides feature limiting capabilities. If we consider from the administrator’s point of view, the guest network will broaden the reach of the network to the users even without giving a network password.

The guest network is often called sometimes, Guest Network or similar. But, in case of, Linksys smart Wi-Fi router supports Guest access tool through the Linksys smart Wi-Fi remotely management interface.

Note: Many of the router supports only one guest network, while the other router’s may supports multiple guest network at one time.

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