How to Login My Linksys Router Via

To access the login by simply open the internet browser of the device that connected to the router and here you can type the web address into the address bar. Here are the steps to Setup the Linksys Smart Wi-fi Router:

● Open an internet browser from a PC or device that is connected with your router.

● Go and type linksyssmartwifi Setup in the location bar of the browser.

● It will open up a login admin validation page.

● Type the default login credentials in the username and secret word.

● The default credentials for username and secret phrase is an administrator.

Press enter.

● If you have effectively signed in, it will guide you to a BASIC login page.

Why Not working?

The Setup Utility is the default utility of the router to manage the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router from the remote locations. If you are not able to access the login page of the Linksys Smart wifi Router you will need to tackle this issue with the following steps.

● In the first step you will need to check all the physical connection, there can be an inappropriate connection.

● Check that you are not entering the Invalid IP address.

● Type the correct username and password (login credentials).

● Check that your router is working properly it will not the defected.

● Make Sure you are using the updated version of the firmware of the router.

● Check the network connectivity of the router make sure your system will have an active internet connection.

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