How to setup Linksys Parental Controls?

Setting up Parental controls of your Linksys Smart Wifi Router is a really smart move for your little ones in the house. Basically it means setting up limits to the usage of the internet upto 14 devices and blocking inappropriate websites. There are several benefits of this tool given by Linksys Smart Wifi. 

You can do the following with Parental Controls:

  • On Specific devices you can Block internet sites
  • Limit the internet access on devices up to 14
  • Setup time frames to access internet on devices up to 14
  • Linksys Smart Wifi Parental control tools enable to restrict inappropriate internet websites for children and teens.
Follow the below steps to Setup Parental controls on your Linksys Smart Wifi Router:-
  1. 1. Open any of your web browsers on your computer. Make sure that the computer is connected to Linksys Smart Wifi Router network.
  2. 2. Now access the router’s web address i.e. “myrouter.local”.Type this address in the URL and press Enter.
  3. 3. Sometimes this address doesn’t work, so you can use Linksys Smart Wifi IP address 
  4. 4. Once you’ve entered the Linksys Smart Wifi Login screen. Hit Enter, you will then enter the Web Management Page. 
  5. 5. In the Menu section, under the Smart WiFi Tools, select the Parental controls.
  6. 6. Configure the controls as per your preference.
  7. 7. Block the inappropriate internet sites on selected devices, by entering their URL.
  8. 8. limit the internet access time.

NOTE:  You can block Website addresses with “https://” but because they have encryption, Linksys Smart Wi-Fi cannot redirect you. So whenever you will access these websites their page will give your browser error iInstead of telling you the address has been blocked.

Restrict internet access on specific devices

Read the below instructions if you wanna know about parental controls more thoroughly. 

  1. 1. Parental controls can be set up on particular devices and separately their websites have to be blocked. Apply limitations likewise. 
  2. 2. To ensure that your selected device can never access the internet, click Never. The device can’t access the internet even if you keep internet access open, you can still use the Block specific sites option to block specific sites for the selected computer or device.
  3. 3. The Always button is to completely block the internet and not let users access the internet at anytime

Restricting internet access on specific times on Linksys Smart Wifi

  • Once you select the computer or device on which you want to set Parental Controls for a specific time. 
  • Click the Specific Times button to determine and select specific hours when you need to block the internet access.  The selected device will not be able to access the internet during this time.

To limit the network usage from the devices of temporary guests, you can setup internet access limit on a guest or temporary visitor’s device. This can be done with the Guest Access feature of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. 

How to secure Linksys Smart Wifi Parental controls with a Password?

  1. 1. Open the Linksys Smart Wifi Connect Software and select parental controls.
  2. 2. Setup a unique password for Parental controls and Verify password fields.  You also need to enter a Secret question along with its Answer in the provided fields.
  3. 3. Click OK to save the changes.
  4. 4. Upto 5 devices you can restrict the Parental control access.
  • Sometimes you will not find your device on the list. That time what you need to ensure is that the device is connected to the network and that the firewall is disabled.
  • Try to rename the devices subjected to Parental controls
  • Also, giving your device’s name as per their user will help you easily identifying them.

Follow the below steps to Change the Device Name:

  1. 1. Access the Parental controls screen. Go to the Restrict Internet access section, select the name of the device that you want to edit then click Rename.
  2. 2. Don’t be confused by the Teen and Child options given in this example. They are only available for Valet Hotspots.
  3. 3. Click Rename to enter the new name for the device. The new name will be changed under the Parental Control Section automatically. 

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