How to update the firmware for my Linksys EA7500?

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A firmware is a software or set of instructions encoded in a device. On the other hand side, a driver is a type of software that makes your device compatible with higher computer programs or to work with the latest operating system (OS).

It is recommended to check the latest firmware and regularly update your Linksys device firmware through ““.

There is an updated version of the firmware always available in Linksys’ support. With new firmware that contains fixes for software bugs found in the previous version. When your Linksys device is currently experiencing any problems in its operational functions (e.g. disconnectivity issue, odd blinking lights on the router, and undetected device errors). When you update the latest version that contains new or additional functionalities that are not available in the previous version.

(Read the Release Notes to view the updates settings or new changes.)

Device Utility for Linksys device:

Linksys Adapter is always available with the Drivers.

Router Firmware available for:

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • Velop System
  • Access Point
  • Ethernet Bridge
  • Range Expander
  • Range Extender
  • Gaming Adapter
  • Power line Adapter
  • Modems and Gateways

Steps to update the new firmware for EA7500

IMPORTANT: Do not interrupt the upgrade process of the firmware update. No need to turn off the Router or press the Reset button during the upgrade.

NOTE: Linksys router EA7500 automatically checks for available updates (if it is available) and install it in your router them by default.

Following instructions used to install the firmware only if the automatic firmware update has been turned off.

To upgrade the router’s firmware:

  1. Log into Linksys Smart Wi-Fi by typing “”.
  2. Under the Router Settings option, select the Connectivity.
  3. Click the Basic tab under the connectivity.
  4. You can see the Firmware Update, click Check for Updates.
  5. If an available update is found, then install the new firmware for your Linksys router by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Use the web address

NOTE: If you don’t want to update the firmware manually in the future and want it to update automatically, then select the Automatic checkbox under Firmware Update.