How to change or reset Linksyssmartwifi Password?

Changing the Linksys default password requires login through the Linksys Cloud Account. The usermust have registered himself on Linksys Cloud account, Click here if you want to know how to register:- Follow the below steps to change the Linksys default WiFi password:- 1. Let’s assume that you have registered on the linksys cloud account. So that you can login your Linksys cloud account. 2. Locate the ROUTER SETTINGS on the left navigation pane and then select Wi-Fi settings. 3. There will be a BASIC tap, look for the WiFi Settings. 4. Click to EDIT. 5. Here, follow the on screen instructions to reset the password. You have to enter a new name and password for your WiFi network. 6. Click APPLY to save the settings. Then click OK.

How to recover forgotten password for Linksyssmartwifi?

  • In this situation, you must have the default linksys password of the linksyssmartwifi because it is used to access the web-based interface. Through the web based interface of your Linksys router you can configure the settings, update the router to verify updates. Changing the password prevents unauthorised access from hackers to your network.
  • Now for your information, Linksys Router default password is admin and username is also admin. We always recommend changing the password for the optimum security. We’ll list some accounts that require a password to access i.e. :-
  •    ● Linksys cloud account association ● Local classic web based interface of Linksys Smart WiFi
  •    ● Remote Management
Some Knowledge :- For your information, the admin password and wireless network password is different. What if I have forgotten it? Don’t worry if you have lost your password, follow the below steps to retrieve it :-
  1. Use your Linksys cloud account or Linksys Connect to check the linksys router default password :-
● If you have connected or configured your router (latest firmware) with older Linksys connect 1.4 firmware, your Linksys router’s password will be the same as before(case sensitive). In case you still have Linksys Connect 1.4 installed, then you are required to add Router Settings > Advanced Settings.  Here you will see the router’s password.
2. Check the Linksys Notepad File ;-
● In this case, if you’re still linksys connect. Check on your Desktop for a notepad file that Linksys Connect 1.4 created, this must have created our router and wireless password.
    3. Reset Linksys Router
● Perform this solution if the above two ways doesn’t work to recover the password. Beware of the fact, resetting the router to factory defaults and therefore all the configuration settings will get erased. So click here to learn more about this solution. NOTE:  Atlast, when you have changed the password successfully, make sure to note it down on a notepad so that you don’t get into this situation in future.

How to recover default Linksys Password?

If you have forgotten your Linksys Router password and didn’t remember the admin password as
well, the only way to get out of this situation is to RESET Linksys Router.

Follow the below steps to reset the Linksys Router:-
    1. Search the reset button on your Linksys router. It may be available on the back of your router or beneath it.
    2. Once found, take a strengthened paper clip to press the RESET button as this button is placed under a thin whole to prevent accidental reset.
    3. You must know that resetting the router erases all the personalised settings of the router and you cannot recover.
    4. Also you must perform these steps while the router is turned ON.
    5. Once pressed the RESET button, keep holding the button for 10 seconds until the Power LED of the router starts blinking.
    6. Leave it as it is, it will restart on its own and properly refreshed with its default settings.

Below steps to change the password:-
    1. Connect your computer to the Linksys router’s network.
    2. Launch a web browser and access the router’s web based setup page as told above.
    3. Click the Administration tab.
    4. Under the Management section, type the newly created password. Retype it and note itdown on a notepad for future reference.
    5. Save the settings.

What is the default username and password for linksys?

 >> Linksys Router default password is admin and username is also admin

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