What are the simplest Linksys smart WIFI setup steps?

Linksyssmartwifi.com is the web address that is in-built in your router. It has shipped with the router. Most Linksys routers are configured with this Linksys smart WIFI setup web address that takes you straightforwardly to the login window when you enter it in a web browser. Open a web-based program and enter the web address Linksyssmartwifi.com. To access the Linksys smart WIFI setup page, enter the client username and password into the prompted field.

Hence, you may face some issues while setting up your Linksys Velop router using the web address Www.linksyssmartwifi.com. In this case, users should use an IP address. Never use a web address, like www.linksyssmartwifi com. The IP address for your Linksys Velop router is It is used as the default IP address by most Linksys router models.

Some easy steps for Linksys router login 

  1. Connect your Linksys Velop router to the modem
  2. Next, you should connect the router to the computer
  3. Power on the Linksys Velop router and the modem
  4. Open a standard web browser
  5. Enter the web link Www.linksyssmartwifi.com or
  6. Enter the default username and Linksys default password.

Following the above six steps, you can get into the Linksys smart WIFI setup page. And then, you can enter into the administrative panel of your router. Let us discuss the steps exhaustively to get on your router settings.

  1. Connect your Linksys router to the modem: –

Get an Ethernet cable to connect your Linksys router to the modem. Connect the Ethernet cable to the modem. You can see some Ethernet ports at the back of your Linksys Velop router and the modem. After that, choose the yellow Ethernet port for the combination.

  1. Connect the Linksys Velop router to the configuration device: –

As a configuration device computers, laptops, and mobiles are considered best. Do you use mobile devices for the configuration? Then you cannot use an Ethernet cable. Because your mobiles do not carry any LAN or WAN ports on them. So the best option is to use a configuration device with LAN and WAN slots. It can be a computer, laptop, or desktop PC. Connect the other Ethernet cable into the LAN of your configuration device. Affix the other end of this Ethernet cable into the LAN of your Linksys router.

  1. Power on the Linksys smart WIFI setup device and the modem: –

All Linksys smart WIFI router and the modem has a power button on them. It is on either side of the device. First of all, check the status of the LED soon after pressing the power button on your Linksys router. And then, check the router LED status. The LED should be solid. In the next chance, press the power button on your modem and check the LED status also. You can turn the computer on by pressing the power button.

  1. Open a standard web browser: – 

All the Linksys smart WIFI setup users use a Web browser to access the default login page. You should be very careful while using a web browser. Use only a standard web browser to access your Linksys router login page. You can explore the Linksys router setup page using Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  1. Enter the web link Www.linksyssmartwifi.com: –

Launch the browser and enter the web address Www.linksyssmartwifi.com and then pop the enter key. The users can also use the IP address in the Addy of the web address. If you cannot access the Linksys smart WIFI setup page, reset the router to the factory default settings. And then try again.

Enter the default username and password: –

Getting on the Www.linksyssmartwifi.com page, enter the two required information. The Linksys default password and username are the information if it is your first-time login. Admin is the default username, and password is the default password for the Linksys router. On a successful Linksys smart WIFI setup attempt, enjoy the internet uninterruptedly.

Linksys smart WIFI setup troubleshooting tips

Are you unable to access the Linksys smart WIFI setup page? Then you have launched at the right place. Here, we are giving you an opportunity to resolve your trouble. Be with us, and go through the footfall given below. Access the Www.linksyssmartwifi.com page successfully.

Before going to the Linksys router login and troubleshooting process, check the following issues:

  1. Check your Ethernet cable connection.
  2. The cables should be firmly attached to the router, modem and computer.
  3. Never use any damaged Ethernet cable.
  4. Use convenient power slots to plug the devices.
  5. Choose an appropriate location to place your router and the modem.
  6. Never use a browser with viruses and bugs.
  7. Try to get all Linksys smart WIFI setup details from your WIFI router itself.
  8. Never leave your router on its default login credentials.
  9. Reboot the router after every 30 days as it enhances the capacity of your router.
  10. While going for the Linksys router login, check the LEDs.
  11. The LED lights on your Linksys Velop router should be solid and bright.
  12. Www.linksyssmartwifi.com is the default login gateway. Use only this or the IP address.

How Do I find my Linksys router login password?

Once you have set a Linksys router admin password on your computer, you will not require to replace it. For the best protection of your WIFI router, change the passwords four times a year. If you have forgotten your Linksys Velop router admin password, you have no means to change your router settings. Here the last option you have is to reset the router to the default configuration.

Linksys Velop router reset to retrieve admin password

  • In this case, with the unit on, place a pin into the reset hole.
  • Press the Linksys Velop reset button for 15 seconds. And then free it.
  • Do not power off your WIFI device during the reset process.
  • The reset process should go smoothly without any interference.
  • The unit cold boot automatically. Once the unit is reset login back in with default credentials.

Once you are in, be sure to replace or modify the default login details to something unique and different. Moreover, if you have an enabled password recovery option during your first Linksys router login course using some security options, you can successfully get the same admin password back.

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