www.linksyssmartwifi.com-How Do I Setup My Linksys Smart Wifi Router

One can easily setting up their linksyssmartwifi.com, by using the below information. Luckily, this blog provide a error-free method to perform the Linksys smart wifi router setup. Proceed to the easy method through which the user can easily set up your Linksyssmartwifi in a hassle-free manner.

Steps to perform Linksys smartwifi login

For an easy procedure, the users are prompted to follow the below points in series.
Here are the important steps which definitely helps the user to perform the

New Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup

Plugin your Linksys router.Wait for a minute, till the light will blink as light orange in colour.

Take the help of any client device, like a laptop or computer, then have a look for a Linksys extender set up in the available list and make it connects.

Once the user’s Wi-Fi enabled device gets connected successfully, then, open an internet browser On your device. Provide www.linksyssmartwifi.com in the Location field to access the setup page for Linksys smart wifi. Finally, hit the Enter button from the keyword.

However, the linksyssmartwifi.com setup page will be open. Tap on the available Start setup option.
Now, go to the As a wireless range extender option and tap on the Next button available in the window screen.

After completing the above steps, it will be started scanning for the existing 5Ghz Wi-Fi automatically. When the scanning process gets completed, then connect your device to the 5GHZ network.

Enter the Network password for the corresponding field. After providing correct details in the password field, tap on the Next button to move to the next step.

In the next step, visit the best location in order to place your Linksys smartwifi

Lastly, change the admin password of your Linksys range linksyssmartwifi.com login and directly, click on the save setting option given in the window screen.

Luckily, your linksyssmartwifi.com range set up has been completed by using the above-mentioned instructions.
Besides, there are also many other solutions, if you are unable to access the range extender set up.
Another solutions to fix the troubleshoot to not to access range extender set up
It includes the following method:-
Power cycle Your range extender

This can only be possible by disconnect and reconnect the Linksys range extender. Wait for a while till the light flashes.

Check the computer’s connectivity to the device
In order to test the communication between the computer and the Linksys range extender, the users are prompted to take a ping test. To test the ping if your range extender, firstly the users are required to obtain an internet protocol address.
Note:-If you are unable to find an IP address, then he/she may be promoted to determine the DHCP client table on your range extender.

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